MSSN Presentations

Educational Presentations from the MSSN

For family members, professionals, and service providers


No Sibling Left Behind:

  • designed for parents of young siblings and professionals;
  • addresses the overall sibling experience (what it’s like for siblings to grow up with a brother/sister with a disability);
  • provides strategies to support siblings;
  • explores current trends in sibling research and the growing sibling movement.

We request a $250 honorarium for No Sibling Left Behind.

Future Planning is a Family Affair:

  • designed for adult siblings, although other family members and professionals can benefit as well;
  • addresses how to effectively advocate for an adult brother/sister with disabilities;
  • explores the legal and financial issues associated with caregiving, and
  • discusses how best to work together as a family to make a plan for future care.

We request a $250 honorarium for Future Planning is a Family Affair.

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Our Presenters

We are proud of our trained presenters all of whom are highly skilled and are professionals in the field with lived experience.