MSSN Volunteer Spotlight: Brittany Bohrer

MSSN Volunteer Spotlight: Brittany Bohrer

Meet Brittany Bohrer! She is a wonderful new volunteer at the MSSN, where she is helping to organize adult sibling “meet and greets” and other types of outreach to siblings of people with disabilities. Brittany currently works as a special education science teacher. and enjoys hiking, travel, and reading in her leisure time.

Learn more about Brittany:

What does the work of the MSSN mean to you?

The work of the MSSN, to me, is important in exactly what the name implies. I have found educational, social, and emotional support through my involvement in the Network and have made connections that are incredibly important to me. There is something invaluable about being surrounded by people who understand your experience as a sibling, even if you are not talking about your sibling at every event.

How did you become involved with the MSSN?

I became involved in the MSSN a few months after I moved to the Boston Metro Area. I had previously been involved in the Sibling Leadership Network (SLN) in Washington, DC and wanted to continue my involvement in Boston. I reached out to MSSN Leadership through the website and started meeting people right away.

What do you hope to gain from your volunteer experience with the MSSN?

Through my experience with MSSN, I hope to learn from and feel more connected to siblings in the Boston area. As my sister’s guardian, I am particularly interested in meeting siblings who are also guardians and hope to benefit from some of the many educational opportunities the MSSN offers. I also hope to give back to the sibling community that has given me so much by volunteering in the Boston area and getting more sibs involved.

What mantra do you live by?

There are no bad decisions if you make every decision worth it.

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