“He Always Kisses and Hugs Me”

“He Always Kisses and Hugs Me”

This beautiful and honest short video captures the challenges, wonders, and wide range of emotions that siblings of people with Angelman Syndrome experience. Moreover, it brings to light the important role of siblings and the transition to a caretaker role that some siblings assume as they age.

The siblings featured in the video share the importance of an open dialogue with parents about the topic of caregiving and the fine line that many feel between “helping and getting in the way.” Adult siblings expressed gratitude for sibling groups — the opportunity to be in a social environment with others who truly understand the sibling experience.

In this poignant presentation, unconditional love is underscored and an immense appreciation for the sibling with Angelman Syndrome is shown. The challenging parts of the sibling experience are addressed as well. Watch the video here.

The MSSN invites siblings of people with all kinds of disabilities to attend our Adult Sibling Meetups. Get in touch with us here!


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