Supporting Siblings of Children with Disabilities at School
The following article by Emily Holl and Don Meyer of The Sibling Support Project highlight important considerations for teachers and other school personnel and suggestions for how to provide support and validation to siblings of people with disabilities in schools.
Future Planning for Special Needs Siblings: Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast
The following two episodes on Parenting Impossible feature our board Co-President Hillary Dunn Stanisz.
State of Siblings of People with Disabilities
The MSSN has produced a summary brief on current research trends that affect siblings of people with disabilities. Please read State of Siblings of People with Disabilities to learn how research in the field informs the work of the Massachusetts Sibling Support Network. 
The Sibling Experience: Understanding and Supporting Our Other Kids with Emily Rubin
Executive Director Emily Rubin was recently featured on Wild Peace’s Podcast Series. In this episode, she explains the many emotions siblings experience when their brother or sister is struggling with mental health issues, and describes the various ways that siblings might respond.
Points of Consideration for Families with Typically Developing Children and Children with Disabilities
  In this post, we revisit and share a video from Susan Cauley’s cable access show Your Disability Connection. MSSN Board Member, Cynthia Haddad, CPA, and a colleague from the Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) explore how parents can provide an atmosphere of support and love for siblings of people with disabilities.